JUNGLE BOOK, the Brain child of “ JAS JOHARI “ was established in August 2001.

It was started for the development of children. An attempt to bring children back to the ‘printed word’ through different types of books, authors etc. was extremely successful – with parents of the children reporting that the teachers in the schools have noticed a huge difference in the children who have had the chance to be members of ‘Jungle Book’ & others who were not that fortunate !

An improvement in vocabulary, use of the language, imagination, confidence etc…. was distinctly observed.

In August 2005, Jas attended & cleared the ‘Licensing Program’ conducted by the Buzan World organization.

This granted her the License to teach others “Mind Maps”.

Jas was the FIRST Buzan Licensed Instructor in India.

She then went on to qualify & get her ADVANCED License – which enabled her to teach others ‘Speed Reading’ & ‘Knowledge Management’ techniques too.

After observing the effective training being conducted in India by Jas &her partner in life & at work – Maneesh – they were invited to establish the “Buzan Centre Pune” – which is the only centre in India of TonyBuzan’s organization.

Maneesh & Jas have trained a number of corporate houses at all levels ( specially at the TOP & Senior levels ) and Educational Institutes ( Faculty members & students ) throughout the country.

In June 2009, after participating in the 14th International Conference on Thinking, held in KualaLumpur – Jas enrolled & qualified to assess & interpret the results of the ‘Multiple Intelligence Developmental Assessment Scale’ ( M.I.D.A.S.) – a test which was recommended by Prof. Howard Gardner (who gave the world the theory of Multiple Intelligences ) himself.

Jas now counsels students & adults – in identifying their inherent strengths & hence in choosing a career / job profile etc.

In May 2011, Jas attended an advanced level course to qualify to implement the “Habits of Mind” system – initiated by Prof Arthur Costa…..in India. These are 16 trainable skills which when inculcated in people ( students too ) could help them in their journey – to become successful….

The underlying theme in JUNGLE BOOK is – to develop the cognitive strengths in the children.

Keeping this in mind – various activities are undertaken in Jungle Book.

The SPEECH & DRAMA Program,uses Drama as the medium to verbalize thoughts effectively. This 30 week intervention aims at making children into confident ‘speakers’.

Incidentally, ‘Public speaking’ is the Number ONE fear across the globe ! Not so in the kids at Jungle Book !!

The concepts of Mathematics, once grasped properly at an early age – helps children all through their academic & professional careers.

This prompted Jungle Book to offer the “ i-Maths “ program – a 40 week intervention - which helps clear the concepts of Maths. Here kids are taught ( not how to add or multiply numbers fast ) the concepts in a ‘child-friendly’ manner – which is easy for the child to grasp & apply.

Children learn best when they use ALL the senses in Learning… And this is what Jungle Book is all about !

This fact prompted Jungle Book to tie up with ‘FasTracKids’ – a US based firm in early education. The programs conducted help the children use more of their ‘senses’ to learn better. This prepares them for learning & facing the unknown future. It also prepares them for school.

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