Children are encouraged to READ books of their choice of their level at their pace.

They can exchange the books any number of times they desire.

This ensures that children are exposed to the 'printed matter' and this enhances their imagination, concentration, comprehension etc.

This EXCLUSIVE LIBRARY for Children from ages 2.5 to 15 years has over 6,000 books.

Research has proven that Children who are able to inculcate the ‘Habit of Reading’ at an early age – are found to be better equipped to handle school curriculum and are more open to learning in life.

Children are encouraged to borrow and read books regularly. In fact, they can change books as many times they feel like !

The staff at ‘JUNGLE BOOK’ suggests appropriate levels & encourages them to read & experience different authors & genres so as to widen their imagination & vocabulary.

There are different membership plans available to suit different needs of the members.

We encourage parents to let the children pick & choose books themselves. They would tend to identify books according to their individual comfort level in terms of level of difficulty. The children would then be gradually prompted to upgrade the difficulty level so as to challenge themselves ….

Members are entitled to participate in the complimentary weekend activities which include ‘Story Telling’ and other creativity enhancing activities which help improve the inherent Intelligences of the child…

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